The Flight – St. Paul to Dallas

There was an article in the in-flight magazine on the plane to Dallas about Angelina Jolie. She is famous for a lot of reasons including her humanitarian efforts. Daphne Tun Baw, a 94 year old Karen member of FBC met her when she was in a refugee camp. Angelina asked Teacher Daphne if there was anything she could get for the primitive camp school. Daphne told her that her teachers, in order to be respected, needed to be properly attired. Angelina had 1,000 sarongs delivered.

In the article Angelina is quoted as saying “I’m truly,truly happy when I’m able to feel that I’m of use to other people. I’m so honored that I get to spend time with these extraordinary survivors and people around the world who are fighting for a better life and are taking care of their kids under difficult circumstances. They’ve changed me and made me a better person. So I’m just grateful that I get the opportunity. Because what else is there?”

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