Left Behind [Mouse Trap and Spirit House]

We left the camp on roads even worse than our coming to the camp.  We were traveling in three vehicles for a couple of bumpy hours and then we were to transfer to other more comfortable vans. The short story is that our first driver misunderstood just exactly where he was supposed to drop us off so two of us ended up at the home of a Karen family who spoke no English. We didn’t know we were at the wrong place.

I started pointing to things and tried by gestures to converse as best I could. There was a pile of bamboo strips. I picked them up and held them out to my host. He hustled away and came back with what looked like an archery bow made of the bamboo strip with a little tube attached to one end of it. It turned out to be a mouse trap. He gave it to me.

We got out our smart phones and showed them pictures of MN. I didn’t need much Karen to explain a picture of me with a snowman. We ended up sitting on their porch watching a Thai soap opera that somehow included vampires, I think. Time passed — it got dark. The family’s spirit house in their front yard was starting to look a little creepy to me as the full moon rose up behind it.

Spirit House
Spirit House

We were eventually found and reunited with the rest of the group a couple of hours later.

–Pastor Bill

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