June 2019 – Sermons

June 2, 2019″Stand by Me” – Reverend William EnglundActs 16:25-34 June 9, 2019″Preparing for Pentecost” – Reverend William EnglundActs 2:1-8 June 16, 2019″State of Grace” – Reverend Sheila AhlbrandRomans 5:1-5 June 23, 2019″After the Sturm and Drang” – Reverend Sheila Ahlbrand1 Kings 19:4-13 June 30, 2019″The Family You Choose” – Reverend Sheila AhlbrandLuke 9:57-62

February 2019 – Sermons

February 3, 2019″Pushed to the Edge” – Reverend Sheila AhlbrandLuke 4:21-30 February 10, 2019″Here I Am – Send Me” – Reverend William EnglundIsaiah 6:1-8 February 17, 2019″How Blest?” – Reverend William EnglundLuke 6:20-26 February 24, 2019″Who is my Enemy?” – Reverend Sheila AhlbrandLuke 6:27-38


First Baptist Church is actively involved in mission work in our City, State and around the world through such projects as: Work groups to a sister church in Costa RicaSponsoring visits by folks from Costa Rica to St. PaulA scholarship fund, Compañeros en Misión, at the Caribbean Theological Center in Limón, Costa Rica.Nurses’ scholarships to […]

KFC Goes to Como Town!

Wednesday, August 28 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM (at Como Town from 1-4) Who can go? – Children in 3rd – 6th grade How much does it cost? $5 What should you bring? Towel and bathing suit (for Splash Zone)Extra money for souvenirs and snacksPermission Slip

January 2019 – Sermons

January 6, 2019″Different Kinds of Wise Men” – Reverend William EnglundMatthew 2:1-6 January 13, 2019″The Message of Jesus’ Cousin” – Reverend William EnglundLuke 3:15-20 January 20, 2019″Variety is the Spice of Life in the Spirit” – Reverend William Englund1 Corinthians 12:4-11 January 27, 2019″This is Why” – Reverend Sheila AhlbrandLuke 4:14-21

August 2019 – Sermons

August 4, 2019″Heaven on Our Minds” – Reverend William EnglundColossians 3:1-4Bulletin August 11, 2019″The Gentle Art of Being Rich Toward God” – Reverend Sheila AhlbrandLuke 12:13-21Bulletin August 25, 2019″The Great Festival of Freedom” – Reverend Sheila AhlbrandLuke 13:10-17Bulletin

Monthly Contract Parking

Parking contracts are available in the First Baptist Church parking lot directly across from the church on Wacouta and 9th. This resurfaced, convenient, downtown St. Paul parking lot features: Month – to – month contracts Assigned spot Person on site Contracts are $65/month