2016 Annual Report


SUNDAY, February 7th 2016


  • Margaret Lovejoy from the Family Place, offered her appreciation of FBC in the on-going support they have received the past 10 years. She gave a brief summary of what has happened this past year and what plans will take place the upcoming year.
  • First Burma Christ Church: Pastor Bill reported that FBC will be celebrating their 9th year at FBC in February.  They now have an ordained minister: Rev. Mehm Mya Thi.
  • Alcoholic Anonymous Group: Pastor Bill reported that this group, called Main Idea, is meeting downstairs under the sanctuary 3 times a day, 5 days a week.
  • Director of Children and Youth: Sheila Ahlbrand reported that the Youth have relocated to the basement under the sanctuary. One of the highlights in working with the youth is that Sheila and a number of the youth have been going to the Hope’s cabin to plan their SS lessons for the coming year. Sheila mentioned they are doing a fantastic job teaching the kids. Geri Johnson suggested each of the persons in training receive a Certification of Appreciation for their dedicated service to the Lord and FBC.

    Sheila is also studying at United Theological Seminary and is working toward ordination. FBC will sponsor her as she becomes an ordained minister.

    Pastor Bill praised Sheila for her 15 years at FBC and emphasized what a wonderful job she is doing in training the young people.

  • Investment & Endowment: Ann Fitch went over the year-end report explaining what the cash withdrawal from that fund was for 2015. The total record of withdrawals in 2015 was $117,466.00. The year-end report of account balance is $361,926.27.
  • 2016 Proposed Budget: Wally Johnson presented and explained the proposed budget from the Budget Committee to the Trustees and then from the Trustees to the Congregation for 2016. Wally Johnson made a motion to accept the proposed budget for 2016 as printed. Motion carried

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