June 15, 2021

Wise people can also listen and learn, even smart people can find good advice in these words. – Proverbs 1:5(New Century Version)

The writer of Proverbs is telling the people that everyone can learn from what is written in this book – even if you are someone who is already wise. But as I pondered those words “wise people can also listen and learn,” I realized that most of the people that I consider to be wise are alwayslistening and learning.

I think sometimes what makes people wise is that they realize that they still have so much to learn. They realize that they don’t know everything – that they can’tknow everything – and so they eagerly listen to others. When we think that we have all the answers, or when we think that we know what is best, then we shut ourselves off from the perspective of others and the wisdom and knowledge that they have gained from their experience.

Sometimes we even do this with God! We ask God for guidance but then we don’t want to listen to what God has to say to us. We know the answers that wewant and when God tells us something else, we shut ourselves off and don’t want to listen.

God has given us ears to hear, a mind to learn and a heart to love. When you open your ears, your mind and your heart you will find that God is waiting to give you wisdom – if only you will listen. 

Wisdom begins with respect for the Lord. – Proverbs 9:10(NCV)

Maybe then, respect for the Lord begins with listening!

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