September 1, 2021

I can’t believe that it is the first day of September already! This time of year always makes me think of going back to school. When I was a kid, I would always have such mixed feelings about this time of year. On the one hand I was so sad to see summer and all of its freedom come to an end. But on the other hand, I really loved school! I loved reading and learning and being with my friends.

I think that we are all students. God has things to teach us every day if we will only listen and pay attention. What a wonderful thing it is to think that we are students with God as our teacher! But we need to listen and pay attention. God can speak to us in so many ways – through reading the Bible and prayer, but also through the people we meet, through nature and the world around us. 

Even if you didn’t like school when you were a kid – God is an amazing teacher, ready to share with you wisdom and wonders, and teachings that will fill your life with goodness and joy. We are never too old to learn. Pay attention and listen – class is ready to begin!

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