October 28, 2021

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a latte on the way in to work. It was a cold dreary day outside and it felt like the warm drink would be just what I needed. I was a little close on time, but I decided to do it anyway. I went in and put in my order at the counter, then sat at a little table nearby until it was ready. It was taking a moment, so I took out a book and began to read.

Some more people came in and the young woman who was working stopped making drinks to go take their order. They weren’t sure what they wanted and they asked a lot of questions – so it took a while. Then the young woman went back to making drinks. I put my book away expecting my drink to be ready – but she called someone else’s name.

By that time, I had almost finished a chapter of my book. I knew I was going to be late and I was starting to feel a little anger starting to bubble up. But then I remembered this scripture from Ephesians that I had just read that morning. Talk about feeling humbled!

So I took a deep breath. Then I realized that this poor young woman must be feeling really stressed out. The coffee shop was understaffed (as so many places are now) and she was just doing her best to try to do her job and make everyone happy.

Almost as if she sensed my thoughts she looked over at me and said, “I’m sorry it’s taking so long for your latte.” And I smiled at her and said, “That’s ok. I know things can get so busy!”

I went back to reading my book and a few minutes later she called my name for my latte. I went to put a lid on it and I saw that she had made a heart in the foam! I said, “Oh, you put a heart on it! That’s so nice.” And she just gave me a big smile. It was a small thing – but it felt big.

Be humble, gentle, patient and accept each other in love.

What a difference those words can make to your day. Try to see how you can live that out today – and notice what a positive difference it can make!

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