October 5, 2021

Sometimes it is so easy to get distracted by all the busyness of our world – by all the things that we need to do, by our phones and our screens, by the news – and all the things in this world that are trying so hard to get our attention. And sometimes in the middle of all these distracting things we realize that we haven’t been looking for God. We haven’t been paying attention to where God is in our life.

And that’s what I found so beautiful in this scripture today – because even when we aren’t looking for God, God has a way of making God’s presence known to us. Even when we get so caught up in all the things that we need to do and forget to ask God for help – we find that God is helping us anyway.

Yesterday I was taking a walk in my favorite park and as I came to the open prairie, there was a tree at the top of the hill that was still green, except for one long splash of the most brilliant, brightest red I think I’ve ever seen. It was truly breathtaking. And it was like God was crying out to me, “Here I am! Here I am!”

Even when we are distracted and forget to look for God, God is always doing something to try to get our attention – whether it is in the beauty of a brightly colored tree, in the kindness of a stranger’s smile, in unexpected help just when you need it, or in a word of encouragement that comes just at the right time. God speaks to us in so many ways!

God is always there whether we notice or not – hoping that you will see – calling to you, “Here I am. Here I am.” Be open to God’s presence. Trust in God’s help. Open your eyes and your heart to notice the way that God is moving in your life. Then you can be grateful for God’s blessings and find yourself guided in God’s way – every day.

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