December 17, 2021

This morning I was reading that delightful scripture that tells about when Mary comes to visit her cousin Elizabeth. When Elizabeth hears Mary’s greeting to her, the baby inside her jumps for joy. I always love that moment. It is a moment of recognition and pure joy at what is to come. But today as I read the these verses the thing that really stayed with me was Elizabeth’s words to Mary after that jump for joy. Elizabeth says to Mary:

“You are blessed because you believed that what the Lord said to you would really happen.” – Luke 1:45 (New Century Version)

You are blessed because you believed. Lately it seems like the word believe gets used a lot in Christmas decorations and cards. Often there will be a little picture of Santa’s sleigh or maybe under the word believe will be added “in the magic of Christmas.” But God doesn’t call on us to believe in Santa or the “magic” of Christmas – we are called to believe in the gift that God sent us at Christmas – the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love – that come in the form of a baby who was sent to show us what God’s love really means.

When we believe, then we are blessed, because when we believe, we trust in God’s love for us – we trust in God’s presence with us, we trust that God is with us and for us in all things.

You are blessed because you believe.

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