November 29, 2021

Today I read a poem by Ann Weems called “In Search of Our Kneeling Places,” and it begins with these words.

            In each heart lies a Bethlehem

                        an inn where we must ultimately answer

                                    whether there is room or not.

Those words spoke to me deeply today. The last few weeks I have been so busy preparing for Thanksgiving and Advent that I didn’t make the time to write a single devotion to share with you. And it made me so sad. It felt like in all my preparation I hadn’t made room for what was important.

This scripture from Isaiah also speaks of preparation. We are preparing the way for the Lord. And I realized that part of our preparing needs to be making room. Making room in our hearts. Making room in our schedules. Making room for silence and prayer. Making room for listening. Making room to bring Jesus to the center of our Christmas preparations.

Sometimes it’s humbling to realize that we can become so busy preparing for Christmas that we forget to make room for Jesus. But yesterday in church we lit the candle of hope – and there is always hope. Hope for us to slow down and be still and make room. Yesterday we sang the carol “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” and the words remind us, “Where meek souls will receive him still, the dear Christ enters in.” So open your hearts. Prepare. Make room. Whenever we open ourselves to receive him, Jesus will always gladly come in.

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