January 5, 2022

One thing I can remember my parents saying to me, and that I think many parents say to their children is, “We just want you to be happy.” I think that is really true of most parents – one of the most important things for them is for their children to be happy. They want them to have a good life. They want to give them things that will make them happy. They want to support them and guide them so that they can make the kinds of choices that will give them a good life and make them happy. When their children are happy, then they are happy too.

I thought about that as I read this scripture from Ecclesiastes.

I think that just like our earthly parents God just wants us to be happy. God wants us to enjoy the good gifts that God has given us. God wants to give us the guidance and teaching that will help us to be happy. God wants us to make the choices and decisions that will make us happy.

When we listen to the teachings that God has given us, we will find that God is showing us the way to be truly happy. The things that can make us truly happy are things like loving our neighbor as ourself, showing kindness, being joyful, being grateful, trusting in God in all things. When we do these things we can find true happiness – and that is what God wants for us – that is God’s gift for us.

Enjoy God’s gifts! Be happy! This is what God wants for you.

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