Dawei Myeik Karen Baptist Association Churches

We have completed our first morning of teaching. The day began with an Opening Ceremony. Hera Htoo, Leadership Director, introduced us to the students and other school leaders.  Two hundred ninety students, grades 5 to college. sat quietly on the floor as the school program was explained. The students sang a song they had prepared for us. Although I am the only person here who is not Karen I felt entirely comfortable. People who demonstrate love and hospitality surround us.

After the ceremony Giri, Mishiah, and I each went to a different building to teach our assigned grades: Mishiah– 5th and 6th, Giri – 8th and 9th, and Cecilia 10th.  Seventh grade will be taught this afternoon and college in the evening.

The day has warmed, but a breeze blows through the doors on either side of our guesthouse. From the front door I can see the laundry drying on the line behind a little grove of cashew trees. The rooster crows as he struts across the sandy dirt, signaling lunchtime.

Thank you for continued prayer for our good health and energy.  We miss you all and pray for our church family in St. Paul.


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