April 8, 2017

It’s Saturday and we celebrated completing our first week of teaching! Tamla Htoo took us sightseeing to some elaborate Buddha shrines in the morning and in the afternoon to Maungmangan Beach on the beautiful Andaman Sea. Today is hot and sultry, but we were driven to the beach in an air-conditioned van. A curvy mountain road, crowded with motorbikes and little trucks carrying passengers in the back, led to the sea resort. Rounded mountains framed one end of the sea. We waded in the warm water, collecting shells and trying not to step on the hundreds of tiny sand crabs. Canoe-shaped fishing boats bobbed in the water. Two on the beach were being prepared to set sail. We were joined by three of the women who work here. After lunch we strolled past the many market stalls and took photos.

Despite the heat and the over-crowded classrooms, the teaching is going well. We are each re-creating our plans daily to meet the students’ needs. They all seem to be learning. They have accepted a style of instruction that requires individual participation instead of straight lecture style. We include some singing in every lesson and we are all amazed by how beautifully the students sing.

We each experienced a day of sickness, but were cared for by our hosts and are ending the week feeling well.

Greetings to all and thank you for your continued prayers.

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