May 10, 2021

Yesterday evening I went for a walk in my favorite woods. It was so beautiful. The evening light just seemed to catch the leaves on the trees and everything felt like it was glowing with that radiant light. I never encountered a single person during my whole walk and it felt like it was just me and God walking together in God’s beautiful world.

As I walked I prayed. Much of my prayer was gratitude and praise – in response to all of the life and beauty around me. But I prayed about my problems and worries too – and as I did, I heard God answer me with a feeling of absolute peace. And in the middle of that peace, I was suddenly startled by a small crashing sound off in the trees. I looked over and saw a deer who had been startled by my presence. I stood there quietly watching her and when she realized I meant her no harm she went on quietly eating. Then I noticed that she was not alone and I saw another deer that had been hidden before in the leaves.

I know that there are deer in the woods, but I don’t always see them. Usually they seem to show up when I am most quiet and almost always I will be surprised. Sometimes God’s presence is like that too. I know that God is there, but so often I don’t notice. God seems to be hidden. But then when I’m quiet, or when I’m least expecting it, suddenly I will become aware that God is with me. And it is always a gift.

I pray that today God will come to you like that deer did to me, that you will be surprised by the presence of God and that God’s presence may bring you peace and joy.

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