May 4, 2021

In the story of Jesus walking on the water it says, “Jesus saw his disciples struggling hard to row the boat, because the wind was blowing against them.” Lately it seems like we are all struggling, with the pandemic it just feels like the wind is against us all the time. Everything is harder now. Everything seems to take extra effort and sometimes it feels like, just like the disciples in this scripture, that the wind is against us and we aren’t getting anywhere.

And yet, when I read this story I didn’t feel despair, but instead I felt comfort. Because it says, “Jesus saw his followers struggling.” When I thought about those words it almost made me cry. Jesus sees us – he knows that we are struggling. And in this story when Jesus sees that struggle he does what seems impossible and walks out to the disciples on the water – to be with them where they are struggling.

The other thing I realized as I read this scripture is that so often I feel like I’m rowing this boat all by myself. I know it isn’t true – but I think there is something about this time and how it isolates us, that makes us feel more like we are doing this all alone. But in the scripture, even though there is struggling, the disciples are in this struggle together. And so are we.

But of course, the most important thing that happens in this scripture comes later when the disciples see Jesus. Jesus tells them to have courage and not be afraid and then he gets in the boat with them. We have to remember to let Jesus into the boat with us!

When we try to do this on our own we struggle, but when we let Jesus come into our struggles we are met with the amazing calm and strength that Jesus brings.

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