December 9, 2021

Time is such a precious thing. It seems like all of those things that were supposed to make our lives easier and connect us better, like our phones and e-mail and social media, have instead made us busier and taken up more of our time. Many people feel like they never have enough time.

I’m reading a wonderful little book by Bill McKibben called Hundred Dollar Holiday. It’s a beautiful reminder of thinking about the things that are really important during the Christmas season. One thing that he said in this book that seemed really important to me today was this:

If Christmas is going to be special, then make sure to spend time in special ways – make it a relaxed time with special people in your life.

Sometimes we worry so much about giving the perfect gift, when maybe the most perfect gift of all is the gift of your time.

Children are always happy to have more of our time. Many elders have too much time alone and would love to have you share some time with them. Really taking time to be with friends and those you love – and giving them your full attention, your love, your laughter – that is something truly precious anytime and especially at this time of year. And don’t forget to give yourself the gift of time too. In this blessed season give yourself time to breathe, to feel wonder, to enjoy all the gifts that God has given you.

The gift of time is really the gift of love – and that is truly the most important gift of all.

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