December 7, 2021

Peace. It is such a simple word and yet it can have so many meanings.

Peace can be forgiving someone.

Peace can be letting go of your worries as you trust in God.

Peace can be accepting someone for who they are.

Peace can be accepting yourself for who you are.

Peace can be stopping to listen as God speaks to you.

Peace can be feeling calm and quiet in your heart.

Peace can be lighting a candle in the darkness.

Peace can be taking a moment to watch the snow as it silently falls – and thanking God for such a beautiful world.

How do you feel peace?

With the loving mercy of our God,

     A new day from heaven will dawn upon us.

It will shine on those who live in darkness,

     In the shadow of death.

It will guide us into the path of peace. – Luke 1:78-79

We could all use some peace in our lives today and God is just waiting to guide us into the path of peace – if only we will follow.

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