November 4, 2021

For some reason this season the leaves have seemed to be just even more colorful and beautiful than usual and it feels like this autumn has lasted a long time – giving us the time to appreciate all of those stunningly bright and beautiful colors. And I love it when you are looking at a tree and appreciating just how lovely it is and then suddenly the sun will hit it just right and it transforms into something even more beautiful right before your eyes.

Ephesians 5:8-13 is all about light. When we let God’s light fill us we can be transformed – just like that tree – into something more beautiful than we can imagine. When we let God’s light shine on our darkness – our fears, our insecurities, our worries, our grief – God’s light will help us see these things clearly. When we can truly see them in the light of God’s love, then they too can become transformed.

We are made to be children of the light. How can you let God’s light fill you today? How can you let God’s light shine on your way? How can you let that light guide you and shine for others to see?

When we let God’s light shine in us, filling us with goodness, right living and truth – our lives can transform from ordinary to extraordinary! So wake up! Look around you! Let God’s light shine on you!

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