January 26, 2022

The world today feels so chaotic sometimes. When you ask people how they are doing often their answer will simply be “I’m so busy.” It feels like there is so much to get done and only so many hours in the day. Sometimes it can just feel a little overwhelming. This is nothing new – listen to this scripture from Ecclesiastes:

“I tried to understand all that happens on earth. I saw how busy people are, working day and night and hardly ever sleeping.” – Ecclesiastes 8:16 (New Century Version)

But the best part of this scripture is what comes next:

“I also saw all that God has done.” – Ecclesiastes 8:17

Sometimes I think we are so busy because we think that it’s all up to us – that we have to do everything on our own. But the truth is that God is always working. God is doing amazing things that we can’t always see or understand.

I don’t understand all that God is doing – but I do know that God is working. And as long as God is working, maybe I don’t have to try so hard to do all the work by myself. I’ll still need to work. But if I trust in God and what God is doing maybe I can begin to see that it’s ok not to get everything checked off on my to-do list.

Take a break. Look around and see all that God has done. Then rest for a moment knowing that God is at work and all will be well.

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