January 20, 2022

My house is over a hundred years old, so on cold winter mornings like this we almost always get frost on our windows. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was dreading going out into the bitter cold. But then I happened to look at the frost on my bedroom window. It was so beautiful! The bottom was just a single blanket of frost, but the sun was hitting it just right, so that it shone through in little prisms of light – tiny rainbows like diamonds that sparkled as the sun moved.

Then farther up on the window the frost made beautiful patterns. Today it looked like dozens of delicate little feathers. The world may be cold, but God has given us such beauty! My window looked like it had been visited by an angel in the night – leaving behind lovely feathers and rainbows – a reminder of God’s presence and God’s promises.

Even in the cold of a Minnesota deep freeze God sends us things to warm our hearts and remind us that we are loved.

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