December 6, 2021

The name Emmanuel literally means “God is with us” – and that’s why it’s a name that we give to Jesus, because when Jesus came down to earth he was literally God with us. Here is a poem by John Bell that seems perfect to share in this second week of Advent.

Light looked down and saw the darkness.
‘I will go there’, said light
Peace looked down and saw war.
‘I will go there’, said peace.
Love looked down and saw hatred.
‘I will go there’, said love.

So he,
the Lord of Light,
the Prince of Peace
the King of Love
came down and crept in beside us.

This poem so beautifully captures the idea of Jesus coming down to be with us. In the middle of our darkness and our brokenness, God sent Jesus to be with us – Emmanuel – who brings us light and peace and love, not standing in some far-off place – but here with us, beside us. What a miracle! What a gift! May you feel Jesus’ presence of light and peace beside you today.

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