January 13, 2022

Like so many people, I’ve been feeling a little discouraged about the pandemic and the surge of covid cases – especially with cancelling church for a few weeks. We’ve been dealing with this for so long and it felt like we were moving forward and now suddenly it feels like we’re going backwards.

But this morning I read this scripture and it really made me think. Sometimes it is so easy to focus on the things that we don’t have – that we fail to notice all of the things that we do have.

We’ve had to stop in-person worship for a while, but it’s so different than it was a year ago!

  • We have vaccines that are keeping people safer!
  • We’ve cancelled in-person church for now – but we know it will just be for a short time.
  • We have a booster clinic on January 21st – so that more people can be even safer.

And there are so many other good things in our lives. I’m grateful for this beautiful world – for the beauty of the morning sky that I get to see every day. I’m grateful for this church that remains strong even when we are separated. I’m grateful for the way God speaks to us in so many ways. I’m grateful for scripture that guides me in how to live. I’m grateful for answered prayer. I’m grateful for life and breath and for God’s mercies that are new each morning.

Look around you and see what you have. God has given us so much! When we look at the abundance God has given us, we can find that our heart gets transformed from a heart of sadness to a heart of gratitude and joy. Thanks be to God!

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