January 18, 2022

Don’t ask, “Why was life better in the ‘good old days’?”
    It is not wise to ask such questions. – Ecclesiastes 7:10 (New Century Version)

I almost laughed when I read this scripture. Even way back in the time of the Bible people were longing for “the good old days.”

As strange as it may seem to us now, there may come a time when people look back on this time we’re in now and remember them as the good old days. As hard as these times have been, in many ways, there has been good too. In these days many of us have had a chance to slow down. Some people have had more time to spend with family. We’ve had the chance to stop and think, to reconsider what is really important to us.

The truth is that every day is a gift from God!  Don’t keep looking back and longing for the past but take the time to look at the good things that God is doing for you today. Look at the gifts that you have been given, the blessings that surround you, the goodness that exists today – and be grateful. This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

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